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What is le dessin?

Le dessin: French, noun (masculine), meaning a drawing or a design.

The worst enemy of any designer or creative is the blank page, or the blank screen. For me, the process of designing anything always starts with a blank page and a sketch. Sketching (and art in general) is not just a visual communication tool, it's a universal language - it's evocative. People look at a sketch or artwork and bring to it their own unique memories and imagination.

So I often tell students when starting to develop a concept, get a pen and paper and just do something tactile. Sketch a quick doodle, do a mind map, sketch from observation, or write down your thoughts - anything to fill up the page.

When I'm stuck for inspiration and need to get into the creative zone, I sketch and draw things that inspire me. I pull out my folders upon folders of photos of my travels (literally thousands on my computer), and find an image that evokes a strong memory and sketch that. My strongest memories are from my travels where I get to experience new cultures, new foods, or discover hidden gems. I am a foodie so a lot of that centres around eating. There's just so much to experience in a new cuisine - so many different scents, tastes, aromas, textures and colours. I am an avid cook and baker so I'm constantly looking for new flavours and spices to include in my repertoire after my travels.

In this current COVID-19 environment, it doesn't look like I'll be travelling to many far flung places anytime soon for exotic inspirations, so I'll have to rely on my past adventures to inspire me. That brings us back to the topic of this blog. Le dessin - is a way for me to continue to keep my creative juices flowing now that I'm leaving university life behind (I'm just about to graduate from my Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) at the end of 2020)! Yay! I like the idea that this is the start of a new decade (albeit not a very auspicious start), and this decade will be all about my new journey in interior design. I will talk about all things design related, as I learn or discover them, share my sketches, stories from my travels that inspire me in my designs, and also the occasional recipe or two.

So I invite you to follow me on this journey and perhaps discover something that inspires you too.

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