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Sue Chen
Interior Design 
- Portfolio Projects - 


(an installation)

in collaboration with: Natasha Caine

An installation that reminds us of the wonder of nature and how we are all connected - even when we seem to be on our own as we socially distance due to COVID-19.

The installation consists of a series of unique pods, allowing you to rest, unwind, and be by yourself, or with a small group of close friends, yet remain connected to a larger network. Each structure is an example of the perfect imperfection of nature, reminding us that all natural things are part of a wider network, and yet is uniquely individual and most important of all, well protected.

It is a series of small installations spread out over the CBD, leading you towards the complete installation at King George Square. The smaller sites will contain only 1-3 pods, scattered around the main site like breadcrumbs, leading you around the city towards the end destination.

Software used: 3DS Max, and Photoshop

The collaborative process...

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