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Sue Chen, Interior Designer

BCom (Accounting) & LLB 

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) 

sue chen portrait.jpg

I’m an interior designer with a wealth of client-service experience, a passion for design research and travelling with a sketchpad in hand. I love designing custom solutions that are a harmonious blend of the local environment, my travels abroad, and my culture.

I am professional, organised, creative and intuitive. I also have a strong teaching and mentoring focus, with three years experience as a sessional tutor at the University of Queensland and a student mentor at Torrens University.

I speak a smattering of Mandarin and French, and I believe great design has its own language capable of transcending cultural boundaries. I believe longevity is the key to sustainability and learning from the past gives us a better vision for the future.


Let me help you craft your vision. 


  • I have 2 large fur-babies that run my life, a German Shepherd, and a Husky/Kelpie cross.

  • I've never met a bottle of Bordeaux I didn't like.

My story

My journey into interior design began with my first trip to France in 2010. The architecture, style and history of Paris planted a seed. On my next visit in 2013, I knew that this was my calling and I was forever changed.

I love to travel and experience new cultures, having originally moved to Brisbane from China at the age of nine.  I often find myself drawing upon these travels and experiences as inspiration. My most recent design trip to Morocco in 2019 left me with a myriad of dreams.  

I want to create evocative spaces that stand the test of time, and inspire people to look beyond themselves. I believe longevity is the key to sustainability. Art, design, and architecture has the benefit of being able to transcend cultural boundaries. It is a way of communicating that needs no words to be spoken. Take Monet's masterpiece waterlilies in the l'Orangerie museum in Paris, such a harmonious blend of art and architecture is endlessly inspiring. 

I have a passion for creating furniture and custom-made pieces, as I believe that is what makes a space so unique and personal to the individual, more than merely something pretty.  I am moved by organic shapes and nostalgic touches. Great design should be evocative.

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